New SW Ohio Writers & Poets Group: Getting Started In Short Fiction & Poetry

Awrighty, I’ve done it: SW Ohio Writers & Poets has been born. Brought into the sun kicking and screaming. Looks sort of a mess right now as I sort it out, but I have faith it will clean up nicely and grow up to be handsome. I’ve started a new group, aimed at providing creative […]

Just Announced: New Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite, w/FIVE Group Radio Trans and Filter Holder. . .

Nikon, the gauntlet has been thrown. . . The new Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash has been announced with some nifty new features. – See details at Midwest Photo Exchange (MPEX) – More at Amazon: Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash New wireless multiple flash system using radio wave communication for enhanced control of up to five groups […]

The New Stars of Photography: Smithsonian, Mar 2012

If you’re interested in making interesting and unique images, this article is worth the read. If you’re not, well, then why take pictures at all. . . In the Mar 2012 issue of Smithsonian: “In a camera-phone world, serious photography matters more than ever. To capture the medium’s vitality, Smithsonian asked 13 acknowledged masters to […]

New Gear Page

Been a crazy few weeks as the 21c Studio Workshop season heats up. I’ve promised recent attendees of the Nikon Speedlight Series and the One-Light Workshops (How To Get The Most Out of Your Speedlights Without Breaking Their Little Necks) that in lieu of them making notes throughout the workshops, I’d provide an online list […]

Tweaking, Heating, and Nod. . .

If you happen to stumble into the 21c website and blog and see images in odd places, weird layouts, and dust and debris just all over the place, well, come back in an hour or two, maybe a day, to see the improvements. It’s tweaking time. As daylight sneaks away from the darkest time of […]

The Buzz on Pocket Wizard Plus III

Pocket Wizard 801-130 Plus III Transceiver It’s always interesting to read the buzz on new photo products, especially when those products come from well-established gear like the PocketWizard Line. Photographers can be pretty vocal and public about the pros and cons of the gear they use or try out, and very often have a huge […]

Additional Dates & Discounts for Nikon Speedlight Sessions

Due to the interest in the Nikon Speedlight Saturdays & Nikon Speedlight Nights workshops, and that many have indicated they would like more dates from which to choose for the multi-session discounts, additional dates have been added to both series. Saturdays 1p – 4p: Feb 25, Mar 10, Mar 24, Apr 7, Apr 28, May […]

Nikon Speedlight Saturdays

21c Studio is offering a small group (5 photographers max) Nikon Speedlight Saturdays workshop based on the successful Understanding Nikon Speedlight Menus: Get the Most From Your Speedlights Without Breaking Their Little Necks workshops. (Canon Speedlite Nights coming soon…). This ongoing small group workshop, led by experienced photographer Porter Manring, is tailored to the specific […]