Pro Shoot/You Shoot!

A number of members have said they’ve enjoyed watching me work when I get in and shoot during workshops and that they’d like to observe a Pro Shoot someday. To see for themselves what it’s like to work with a model in a pro shoot environment and what has to be considered to make it all go well; wardrobe decisions, lighting choices, posing techniques, and just generally how it all comes together.

CeCe ArcherBeginning with this workshop, I will be offering occasional hands-on Pro Shoot/You Shoot Intensives in which I will shoot as if working alone at 21c Studio on a model shoot.

Each workshop participant will then take a turn working with the model in a Pro Shoot environment, with me as assistant while the others observe.

A lot can be learned simply watching others work. While the model changes for the next look, I will explain what I’m setting up for next. Time will also be provided in between each participant’s turn for observations and brief discussion.

Limited to just four shooters and myself, we’ll be working with a local model.

CeCe ArcherThis month the example will be what I like to consider a typical portfolio building shoot, in which we will intentionally change it up dramatically as far as wardrobe, look, and style to show the diversity of any given model.

In this case we’ll be going for a dramatic beauty look, a high key image showing a model’s particular skills and background, and a headshot suitable for a corporate website or annual report.

CeCe Archer CeCe and I had a prep shoot with the same wardrobe, look, and shoot styles we’ll be covering in the workshop. Three very different examples from our prep shoot are included here to give you an idea of the ground we’ll be covering.

Please feel free to email any questions.