Understanding & Using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Four 2.5 hour small group classes/$99.00 – 10 hours of balanced Instruction & Hands-On Application:

Who Should Attend: Anyone currently using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom who is interested in learning to more fully utilize Lightroom to:

Maximize Workflow, Streamline Post Work, and Increase Productivity – content presented will be of value to both new users and those who have been using Lightroom and want to use it more effectively.


Use the Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print, & Web Modules – What they do and how best to use them to improve your workflow in:

– Importing, Storing, & Organizing: Choosing how and where to securely store, backup, and organize your images
– Customizing Lightroom: Setting Lightroom for the way you like to work.
– Image Selecting & Editing: Master the tricks the pros use and consider most important. Learn about non-destructive editing, working with RAW, developing presets, using histograms, keywords & metatags and the importance of SEO, managing color, global & local adjustments, and more…
– Integrating Photoshop: The when and why of using Photoshop with Lightroom, including Photoshop automation.
– Presenting Your Work: Creating Proofs, Contact Sheets, Layouts, Slideshows, & Web Galleries.



Q: I use an older version of Lightroom. Will these classes apply?
– Absolutely. Lightroom basically functions and looks the same, with newer Lightroom versions adding new features and improvements in layout.

Q: Will we cover what’s new in Lightroom 6?
– Yes! All newest versions and updates of Lightroom are included.

Q: What do I need to attend? For maximum benefit, I strongly suggest bringing your laptop with Lightroom 5 or 6 installed. Power will be provided. WiFi will not be needed.



Instructions were simple and clear, the group was cordial, and there was a nice mix of “classroom” and practice.” – DP

“In two classes…I have grown more than I thought I could. Porter explains things very well and does not talk down to anyone.” – GB

“Absolutely wonderful! I understood what I was taught, used my own equipment and I am very excited to be able to apply my new knowledge to everyday life.” – AL

“Porter did an outstanding job of explaining how to get started… A good balance of ‘class’ and ‘hands-on’ work. Very well organized…” – BR

“Great evening filled with valuable information. Porter does a great job explaining in plain English.” – MN