One Light: I Just Want To Use ONE Light!

There are two workshops coming up with the same goal: to help local southwest Ohio photographers learn new ways to make creative imagery using only one Speedlight:

One Light: I Only Want To Know How To Use ONE Light!

This is a One Light Intensive aimed at those wanting to maximize the power of using just one light in creating killer images. The workshops will be held at 21c Studio on Wed 2/29 from 6:30p – 9:30p and for those who can only attend on weekends, will be repeated on Sun 3/04 from 1p – 4p.

Requirements: One Speedlight or other flash (any brand as long as you can fire it on AND off camera) and a camera that will fire it both on and off camera. Please be sure you know how to fire it both ways before attending.

Sign up and reserve your spot at SWOH Strobists

I used only one Speedlight for a long time while teaching myself how to shoot. There’s an amazing amount of cool work you can do with just one off-camera flash when you take the time to learn creative techniques.

We’ll explore those techniques: when to use your Speedlight without a modifier, which light modifiers are best to use when you do use one (including a variety you can keep in your camera bag), how and when to use gels for color correction or effect, how to simulate daylight, dusk/dawn light, and window light, feathering your light, and a wide range of other one-light techniques. Learning One-Light techniques is the best foundation for learning all other off-camera lighting.

To get an idea of what can be done, please see examples created when teaching myself how to shoot: HERE (nsfw). I still use the same one-light techniques today, whether in studio or on location, and apply the general principles learned then to all of my work, whether one light or many.

This workshop is limited to five photographers. It will be a solid hands-on experience with handouts, plenty of time to shoot and experiment, and an experienced model with wardrobe changes.

Wed 2/29 6:30p – 9:30p $49.50

Sun 3/04 1:00p – 4:00p $49.50

Sign up and reserve your spot at SWOH Strobists