Tweaking, Heating, and Nod. . .

If you happen to stumble into the 21c website and blog and see images in odd places, weird layouts, and dust and debris just all over the place, well, come back in an hour or two, maybe a day, to see the improvements. It’s tweaking time.

As daylight sneaks away from the darkest time of year and more light finds my eyes, I’m compelled to do some major tweaking here at Things are heating up at 21c Studio as far as shoots, workshops, and general interest in what I’ve been doing. I hope to build community and educational opportunities for photographers and artists around SW Ohio. It feels good, real good, so I’m tidying things up on the website after a long year of paying more attention to everything else. Last year at this time I’d all but lost my job, had no studio, and this website didn’t exist. I had no idea if I was hitting the road or sticking around.

With both the studio and the site–heck, with me too–it’s a big spring cleaning of sorts; sweeping out the cobwebs and dust bunnies, sorting through new ideas, trying on new things, and just generally getting ready for what I know–I can feel it in my bones–is going to be one hell of a kick-ass year. That’s a good thing.

A great big nod of the 21c Studio cap to those who have helped me stay positive of late in the goings-on at 21c; you’ve helped more than you know in keeping me on an even keel as I move forward.