PAST WORKSHOP: Two Creative Portrait Lighting Workshops. . .

A small group (6 photogs) CREATIVE PORTRAIT LIGHTING Workshop Hands-on practical application in a structured setting using your own flash gear in single and multiple flash set-ups and a variety of light modifiers like softboxes, beauty dish, umbrellas, snoots, grids, and gels to create stunning images on various backdrops. Please note: This is a skills […]

PAST WORKSHOP: Street Fashion & Urban Landscapes Workshop

I’ve been looking forward to and planning this workshop all winter, and am really pleased to announce a set of Morning & Afternoon Workshops highlighting creative Story Portraits and Fashion using downtown Cincinnati’s wonderful alleys, doorways, and architecture as backdrop.Shadows, bright light, our light, and models in period wardrobe. Great locations already scouted and models […]

ProDesign Tools is Giving Away CS6 Master Collection Suite

Go here to find out more: ProDesign Tools

PAST WORKSHOP: Understanding & Using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

2014_0410 NOTE: For info on private lessons in Learning Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, please see Lessons in Lightroom 5 ========================================================== UNDERSTANDING & USING ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM (3 & 4):  Four 2.5 hour classes/$99.00 – 10 hours of balanced Instruction & Hands-On Application: Wednesdays 6:30p – 9:00: Apr 25, May 2, May 9, & May 16: […]

Pro Shoot/You Shoot

A number of members have said they’ve enjoyed watching me work when I get in and shoot during workshops and that they’d like to observe a Pro Shoot someday. To see for themselves what it’s like to work with a model in a pro shoot environment and what has to be considered to make it […]

New SW Ohio Writers & Poets Group: Getting Started In Short Fiction & Poetry

Awrighty, I’ve done it: SW Ohio Writers & Poets has been born. Brought into the sun kicking and screaming. Looks sort of a mess right now as I sort it out, but I have faith it will clean up nicely and grow up to be handsome. I’ve started a new group, aimed at providing creative […]

Just Announced: New Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite, w/FIVE Group Radio Trans and Filter Holder. . .

Nikon, the gauntlet has been thrown. . . The new Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash has been announced with some nifty new features. – See details at Midwest Photo Exchange (MPEX) – More at Amazon: Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash New wireless multiple flash system using radio wave communication for enhanced control of up to five groups […]

The New Stars of Photography: Smithsonian, Mar 2012

If you’re interested in making interesting and unique images, this article is worth the read. If you’re not, well, then why take pictures at all. . . In the Mar 2012 issue of Smithsonian: “In a camera-phone world, serious photography matters more than ever. To capture the medium’s vitality, Smithsonian asked 13 acknowledged masters to […]