Upcoming Paid Modeling Opportunities…

Manring Photo / 21c Studio has a couple paid modeling opportunities next week for any of you that may be interested.

Both paid modeling opportunities will be for the SwOH Strobists , a group I started for photographers interested in learning more about off-camera lighting. Both events will have the same topic: “Dialing It Down: Mixing Ambient & Flash.” Please be aware that these are informal learning sessions for the photogs in attendance, not full-on photo shoots, though some of the photographers do hire models from these learning sessions for other gigs. Some models have found these sessions to be great networking opportunities and a way to meet up to 15-20 photographers in an evening.

Here are more details:

Both events will be at 21c Studio, just off Rt 4 in Liberty Twp, 24 miles from downtown Cinti and 30 miles from Dayton.

The first event is Tues 12/20 from 7-9:30 pm: http://www.meetup.com/SWOH-Strobists/events/43536682/ < for details and to see who’s coming
The second event is Wed 12/21 from 7-9:30 pm: http://www.meetup.com/SWOH-Strobists/events/39741042/  < for details and to see who’s coming

– There will be two shooting stations each night. Each with a pro photog leading and up to 15 other photogs taking turns shooting various combinations of lighting. There will also be stations for spontaneous shoot arrangements
– Two models will be hired for each evening, based mostly on who replies first and can firmly commit
– You will need to be able to be at 21c Studio and ready by 7pm and be able to stay until at least 9:30pm
– You are welcome to apply for either or both evenings. Please be sure you have no potential conflicts if you plan to apply
– All modeling is clothed, with MINOR wardrobe changes allowed. Please, no major wardrobe changes involving long change times, though you are encouraged to be colorful and creative.
– Any makeup is up to you to do before the event, either before arriving or at the studio before 7pm
– Modeling fee will be minimum of $30/night and whatever images you arrange for with the photographers you work with. Modeling fee may be greater, depending on total amount of member donations received

As this group grows–and it’s growing fast, hence the two sessions each month–paid modeling fees will increase with several opportunities to model for paid evening and weekend workshops marketed outside of just the group.

If interested in either or both evenings next week, please reply with:

– which evening(s) you are interested in. If both, do you have a preference of one over the other?
– are you willing to be notified, and can come, on short notice if the hired model cancels?

NOTE: If you are not available next week but would like to receive future castings from Manring Photo / 21c Studio, please send your name, age, and height/weight, etc via the Contact link.

Thanks, looking forward to it, and to being back in touch with those I have been unable to of late,

Manring Photo / 21c Studio