Help Portrait 2011: Scheduled for 12/10

Help Portrait 2011

HELP PORTRAIT is doing it again this year and I’m helping to organize an event for SW Ohio.

HELP PORTRAIT is a global movement of photographers using their time, gear, and expertise to give back to those in need.

It may be anyone in your community; single parents, elderly, recently downsized, caught in the mortgage crunch, or anyone who may not otherwise be able to afford a professional portrait. Oftentimes just the act of being kind, of helping out, can help turn around a difficult situation for many, and photographers around the globe have responded by offering free portraits.

Event date is tentatively set for Dec 10.

Head over to to see what it’s all about, then come back here and let me know if you are interested. I’ve setting up a SW Ohio community group there for photogs who can’t do Cinti or Dayton.