New Studio, New Site

Well, it has been a journey and a half getting to this point, from being on the road 24/7/50, to recently opening a new studio and art space here in SW Ohio.

Networking with models, makeup artists, stylists, and other photographers & creative people in just one metropolitan area–that of the ever-more-blending-together Cincinnati-Dayton-NKY area–has been interesting, to say the least. I’ve grown accustomed to driving to, and staying in, a different city in America just about every week for the better part of the last decade. Every once in a blue moon, the same city for two or three weeks, but usually only four or five nights, then drive for two-three days to the next place. I became very comfortable with the regular change in scenery. I came to depend on it, really; the road endlessly slipping under my wheels on weekends and the world sliding by left and right.

“I’m looking at the world through a windshield. . .” sang Commander Cody. I’ve seen parts of America that many people don’t know about, much less ever get to see or even care to, I suspect. I’m fascinated with those places.

I came to depend, too, on the ever-changing roster of places to stay, people to see, new friends to make, and new things to do. There’s a far wider variety of landscape, architecture, and models to work with when you are on the road constantly and I’ve come to look forward to it all over the years.

Multiple and simultaneous things have been happening now that I’m in one place far more often and have a studio to work in. Marketing myself in different ways than when I am on the road, and spreading the word about 21c Studio and what I want to do here; shoots for local businesses and to build and update portfolios for area models, setting up the new, spacious shooting space to be multi-purpose and arranging the studio with new makeup and wardrobe areas, and starting groups for SwOH Strobists interested in learning more about off-camera lighting and artists interested in live model figure drawing sessions.

All part of always wanting to have a studio and workshop of my own in which to offer things like this to the public. I could care less, really, about having a house of my own, but a sizable studio and work space? Yeah, that helps sustain me. I need to be creative, to have a regular creative outlet, and to be part of creating a positive learning and sharing environment that brings together others that may not have the chance otherwise. So far it’s working out rather well, and I’m excited about it all, especially with the older by two months SwOH Strobists group, which has 57 members and has had several successful, informative, and well-received meetings. Here’s hoping the Figure Arts Group takes off the same way in coming weeks and months.

There’s a lot more coming, to be sure.

You’ll have to pardon our dust while we continue to build this site and tweak it to be clean, professional, informative, and effective.

Come back over the coming weeks to see the improvements and what’s new at 21c Studio.